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Watchkeeping Management System

Ensure that your crew work according to the STCW rules accepted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and be notified of a non-standard event that occurs during working/rest hours immediately.

The watchkeeping management system allows your crew to work in accordance with internationally accepted rules and also it allows your company to prevent inconsistencies and penalties that may occur due to non-standard working/rest hours.

Watchkeeping Product

Work/Rest Hours

The rest hours in the watchkeeping management system are determined in accordance with STCW and ITF standards. On the other hand, you may customize the system according to the needs of your company and fleet by changing the total rest and uninterrupted rest periods in the last 24 hours. According to these criteria, if there is an inconsistency in the daily working hours of your staff, you will get a warning and you will be able to ascertain to which working/rest hours standards the relevant crew does not conform.

Detailed Working Hours

It may not be enough for you to know only the watchkeeping intervals of your crew. You may graphically display the hours that each of your crew works daily on the calendar, as well as the operations (maneuvering, loading, unloading, bunkering, etc.) performed by the relevant crew during these hours.

Watchkeeping Schedule
Watchkeeping Workinghours

Working Hours Defined for Qualification

By creating draft working hours for each qualification level, you may ensure that these hours are processed in the system daily and automatically.

By this means, crew who have a fixed working period will only process the necessary revisions without entering the same data every day and save a significant amount of time.


You may obtain working/rest hours report of entire crew working in the ship in conformance with the working hours format of International Labor Organization (ILO).
Watchkeeping Report


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