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Custom ERP Solution for Maritime Companies

Due to the complicated structure of the maritime sector, we ensure the safe and easy execution of the necessary and tough process management. By means of our maritime applications, we present you all the details of your fleet on a single screen. You will need them at marine fleet management

  • Fully integrated applications
  • Lossless data transfer
  • Customizability
  • Multilanguage support
  • Unlimited technic support

These are the features through which we help you plan your company's enterprise resources efficiently.

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Keep Your Fleet Up-to-Date Continuously

One of the greatest challenges in fleet management is to ensure the uninterrupted data flow that ships need.

Make sure that ships continue their voyages safely by transferring all data required by international regulations to the ships in the fleet. Share all International Safety Management (ISM) updates with the fleet quickly and complete all inspections seamlessly.
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Software Risks are Evaluated for You

Gain advantage via class-certified products.

Fully comply with the existing maritime standards with the modules that have Bureau Veritas type approval certificate of which are obtained by meeting the terms and requirements of the maritime industry.

Integrate Your Business Processes

By means of customizable processes, transfer all of your workflows to the system immediately.

Enjoy the comfort of digitalizing your fleet management without experiencing any hitch or delay.

Don't Miss Any Information

We know that timing is very important in the maritime industry. Therefore, we warn you timely and as per your request for completion of your planned work without delay:

shopping basket

Prevent the occurrence of duplicate requests. Identify products that can be procured periodically by analyzing frequently-requested products.

Inventory Integration

Always attain up-to-date inventory information by bringing the stock inputs/outputs of the products delivered to the ship under control.

Save up to 5% at Purchasing

Price Comparison

Compare supplier quotations to find the best price. Obtain the best ordering process by taking criteria such as additional costs, special discounts, and supplier ratings into account.

Budget & Finance

Generate invoices for completed orders either automatically or manually. Bring your costs under control by monitoring the purchase budget instantly.

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Plan Your Future Flexibly

You may form a custom package for your company by selecting only the maritime applications that you need. As your business expands, you may easily extend your package with new applications.

You may update the ships removed from the fleet instantly on the system, and easily activate the ships added to the fleet with the modules to be used.
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