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Purchasing Management

Manage the purchasing process of the fleet end to end and bring your OPEX under control.

By means of purchasing anagement system, you may
  • Manage the process from the creation of the requisition for the first time to the delivery to the ship,
  • Manage your budget better by avoiding incorrect purchases and payments,
  • Ensure that the materials are in the right place at the right time through efficient management.

Purchasing System Product Image

Purchasing System Product Mobile Image


Purchasing module works in integration with consumable and spare part inventory management and finance modules.
Expenses down up to 5%
It helps to reduce costs down up to 5% by increasing control over the purchasing process.
Instant Budget Control
It provides information about your remaining budget by means of real time budget control while placing order and provides more efficient resource utilization.
Customizable Approval Processes
The approval process that is established exclusively for the company reduces the density of communication and ensures faster purchasing and full control.

Things That You May Do with Purchasing Management

Consumable and Spare Part Requests

You may manage requisitions from ships, perform approval/rejection operations and determine the quantities to be procured.


You may export the material list to get a quote and thanks to this form you may easily get a quote from the supplier.

Price Comparison

You may save time by importing the quotation form to the system, ensure the automatic comparison of the prices and detection of the best price.

Purchase Orders

You may place an order from the supplier who has the best quote, create an order form and check the status of the order.


Thanks to the inventory management integration, you may view the stock entries for orders delivered to the ship.

Purchasing Invoices

By creating order invoices either manually or automatically, you may continue budget management without interruption.


Real-Time Budget Control

While selecting products from the suppliers at price comparison step and before placing the order, you may instantly monitor the effect of the expenditure on the budget. That way, you may instantly find out whether you have exceeded the order or the final status of the budget as a result of the order to be placed.
  • Save time by assigning consumables and spare parts to expenditure items.

  • Receive notifications for expenditure items that exceed the budget.

  • Provide direct integration with the accounting management system.

Purchasing Key Performance Indicators
By means of the KPI’s that are formed for the purchasing module, you may access detailed statistics and performance indicators about requests, suppliers, price quotes and orders. You may have access to lots of summary information such as comparison of total amount spent on procurement on the basis of the fleet, most frequently requested products, best suppliers etc.
Save Time and Money
Ordering processes require very intensive communication and time. Naturally, extra costs arise. The purchasing module provides an advantage by automating this process together with accelerated intracompany workflows and reduced supplier communication.


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