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Manage the entire process of ship chartering based on either time or voyage. Thanks to the voyage management system, reduce the time required for cargo planning by working in an integrated way and with the optimization of work flow, reduce the chartering expense and hence increase your profitability.
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Time Based Chartering

Regardless of how big your fleet is you can easily manage the agreement of the ships that you have time-based chartered. Bring your revenues under control through the payment plan that will be valid throughout the chartering period.

Through flexible agreement planning, ensure that the existing agreement and payment plan are extended till the desired date and time without issuing a new agreement for the extended chartering agreements.
Charter Agreements

Track your payments by forming a separate chartering agreement for each ship. Create an archive by closing the status of past charter agreements.

Payment Plan

Define the details of the agreement and create a payment plan at intervals of either 10, 15 or 30 days that covers the chartering process automatically.

Invoice Integration

Receive reminder notifications for due payment and create your freight invoice easily.

Fuel Details

Record the fuel quantities at the time of acceptance and return of the ship and keep track of the payments for the possible variations.

Chartering Type

Use the chartering types (BCI, BPI, BDI, BSI, or BHI) for chartering price calculations in order to calculate the amount automatically based on daily index values.


Define broker and address commission rates so that payment amounts are calculated automatically.

Voyage Based Chartering

You may figure out the total profit at the end of the voyage by calculating the demurrage revenues generated by the freight and lay time calculation along with all of the expenses such as port, canal passage, and bunker consumption.
By analyzing all voyages, you may determine the factors that reduce costs and increase revenues and make decisions that will increase your profitability rate in future charterings.
You may define different types of freights belonging to different charterers to be shipped during the voyage. You may calculate the total freight revenue that you will obtain at the end of the voyage together with the information such as B/L quantity, port details and commissions of freights.
Laytime Calculation
According to the freight information at each port during the voyage, you may automatically calculate the laytime and demurrage/despatch amount in terms of the agreement criteria as a result of the statement of facts (SOF) at the port.
You can calculate the total expense amount along with the port, canal passage, and all other expenses along with the fuel consumption details that are realized during the voyage.
Voyage Based Chartering Summary
You may calculate demurrage revenue generated by freight and automatic laytime calculation for all voyages subject to voyage-based chartering and also by detailing your expenses you may display your end-of-voyage total profit.
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