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Easily perform all communication and data flow between your company office and fleet ships.
With the data synchronization module, you may ensure seamless, efficient and reliable data flow in all of the applications belonging to a fleet management system.
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Automatic / Manual
You may start the data synchronization at any time you wish or in a periodic manner automatically as well.
FTP & E-Mail
For data synchronization, the most efficient transfer method is FTP. However, in cases when there is no access to FTP, files to be transferred may be exported and sent to the other party via e-mail.
The whole data to be synchronized is compressed by the help of powerful algorithms and so the size of data is reduced. By this means, faster data transfer and lower quota usage are provided.
Lossless Transfer
The compressed data is transferred by dividing into pre-defined package size (e.g. 100 KB). In this way, a possible connection error during the transfer does not cause the same data to be retransferred and synchronization resumes on.
send data
Error Alerts
If there is a missing packet file due to an unexpected error during the synchronization, in order to avoid potential problems, the user will be warned by the system.
Data Synchronization Dashboard
Through the data synchronization dashboard, you may analyze the data sizes transferred daily, monthly, or yearly and compare these results with the fleet and previous years.
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