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Operation Management

Ensure that all operational data is completely transferred from ships to the office during your voyages.
By this means, focus on error-free reporting, low emission rates, steps to reduce costs, and how to optimize your daily workflow.

The operation module is a voyage management system that displays all the details of the voyages of fleet ships.
It allows the instant monitoring of the voyage by transferring all operational data of the ship to the office from departure to arrival.

operation product


eu mrv
EU-MRV & IMO DCS Compliant
Automatically generate reports that contain the necessary data for the European Union emission regulation MRV and IMO DCS in a short period of time and send it to your verifier.
Environment & Emissions
Create reports for gas emissions (NOx, SOx, CO2) automatically and compliant to IMO regulations.
Fuel Performance
Monitor fuel performance (Energy Efficiency Operational Index - EEOI) of ships an voyage or specific date range basis. Compare results on ships and previous year’s basis.
As Much Detail As You Need
Location, speed, cargo, wind and sea condition, and fuel level constitute only a part of the details within the operation module. You may monitor many details of the voyage through operational reports.

Things That You May Do with Operation Management

map location

You may keep track of operational actions during a voyage on daily basis by creating a new voyage and voyage related legs.

Operational Reports

You may generate daily reports of all operations performed at sea and port over the course of the voyage. You may minimize erroneous report entry by forming a hierarchical order among the operations.

gasoline pump

You may keep the record of bunkered to the ship with quantity and price information. You may input the expenses on a daily basis with the place of expense, so that you may regularly monitor the remaining amount of fuel in the ship.

Luboil and Water

You may follow the oil and fresh water supply to the ship together with the details of daily consumptions.


You may follow up all the details of the cargo(es) carried in due course of the voyage. In this section, you may find information like cargo grade, quantity, loading/discharging ports and dates and charterer etc.


Together with nearly 10 thousand ports worldwide that are defined in the system, you may define new ports and share important notes about the ports with the entire fleet.


You may view paper and digital maps in the ship inventory and follow the features of these maps.


You may follow all printed and digital publications and their details which are available in the ship inventory.


You may follow the updates pertain to NTM and ECDIS systems.


Map View

With the map view feature, you may track all the movements of all ships in the fleet on the map, such as their instant locations and departure-arrival points.

Show Map View

Map View

With the map view feature, you may track all the movements of all ships in the fleet on the map, such as their instant locations and departure-arrival points.

Show Map View
Powerful Reports
By means of the operation module, you may generate a summary or detailed reports with high-accuracy. You may report the fuel consumption details of the voyage and also calculate the consumption in good weather/sea conditions.
E-Mail Notifications
Even if you do not have access to the application, always be informed about the current status of the voyage by receiving every operational report via e-mail.
ISM Integration
As required by ISM, you may ensure that the digital forms that must be filled during the voyage are filled by integrating them into the system.
Flexible & Customizable

With its flexible infrastructure, the operation module offers a customizable usage opportunity according to the needs of your fleet ships and company.

By this way, you may use only the ones that you need among the sample voyage reports on the side.

After each voyage report, you may minimize erroneous data entry and loss of time by specifying the other report types that are allowed to be filled.


You may define different types of fuel used in ships (FO, DO, GO)
and assign them to each ship.
Thus, you may remove unused areas and have a cleaner interface.

Voyage Operations
  • clock Departure
    01-01-2018 09.00
  • clock Noon Report
    02-01-2018 12.00
  • up arrow Noon Report
    03-01-2018 12.00
  • down arrow Arrival
    03-01-2018 22.15
  • anchor shape Anchor Down
    03-01-2018 23.37
  • anchor shape Anchor Up
    04-01-2018 07.45
  • rope All Fast
    04-01-2018 08.13
  • package Loading
    04-01-2018 08.30
  • rope Cast Off
    05-01-2018 15.45

Ease of Use

The operation module, with simple and intuitive interface design, can be used by the crew without requiring any special training.


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