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For ship managers, while keeping many certificates of a single ship up to date is a challenging task, it is almost impossible to track certificates of all ships of the fleet without using any specialized software.

The certificate management system provides all the features that you need to track certificates belonging to the fleet. By this means you ensure that class, equipment, safety or all other certificates are renewed on time and managed properly.
certificate management product

Things You May Do with the Certificate Management

E-mail Notifications

You may receive e-mail notifications at the desired frequency that contain the remaining day information of all certificates belonging to the fleet.

add category

You may organize the categories of certificates (class, flag state, safety, etc.) according to the needs of your company and ships.

paper clip
Certificate Attachments

You may add the scanned printout of the certificate to each certificate defined in the system.

Flexible Authorization

You may specify which arrangements can be made by the crew in the certificate records.

Unlimited Certificate

You may define as many certificates as you wish in the system without any limitation.

Automatic Warning

You will receive an alert automatically when a certificate expires and 15 and 60 days before it expires. You may customize the day and color settings.


Reporting - Notifications

With certificate management system, you may report all certificates belonging to the fleet by ship, category, certificate type, and expiry date. You may keep track of the remaining time of certificates via both application and e-mail notifications. You may create different notifications by specifying custom periods for the certificates you select. You may add new categories to the following existing ones in the system and customize the system for your company.
  • Class
  • Flag State
  • Safety
  • Equipment - Test
  • Class/Statutory Survey
  • Other
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